How to Apply for a 15-Day Dubai Tourist Visa | 7 Days Visit Visa Dubai Fee

How to Apply for a 15 Day Dubai Tourist Visa
7 Days Visit Visa Dubai Fee


Visit Visa:

Dubai residents can apply for a non-renewable travel visa of 30 or 90 days to a spouse or blood relative. Emiratis are authorized to support friends on tourist visas with the permission of the authorities.

How to apply:

As mentioned earlier, a tourist visa to Dubai can be used online. Once the application has been reviewed and approved, you will receive your valid visa to the UAE in your email. You must take the printer for this visa and produce it along with your passport and plane tickets at the airport. The standard time to get a Dubai visa is 3-4 days. However, you can also go for a quick visa, where you will get your visa within a few hours at an additional cost.


7 Days Visit Visa Dubai Fee:

7-day visa:

The UAE government has made travel to Dubai much easier for those who want to visit Dubai for a short period of time by issuing a seven-day UAE visa. This temporary visa is ready to attend business meetings or seminars for 2-3 days. As it is for short travel, visa fees are also very low. Processing time is 3 to 4 working days and processing time is 58 days from the date of issue. Therefore, a 7-day UAE visa is suitable for anyone who intends to visit the UAE for a short period of time. Whether you want to attend an important exhibition or a company meeting, this type of visa is ideal.


7 Days Visa Documents:

  1. To process a visa in Dubai, you will need the following documents:
  2. Accurately completed visa application
  3. Copies of Passport Applicants
  4. Passport-size images with white background
  5. Confirmation details, passport, and copies of visa
  6. Security testing


More information on UAE Visa:

  • The applicant’s passport must be valid for at least six months.
  • A passport must be at least 3 months valid.
  • The applicant is required to provide a security deposit if he or she is unsure within the UAE.
  • Dubai tour visa payments are made through Mastercard or via online transfer.
  • The collateral deposit does not apply to family accompanying candidates.
  • It usually takes 3 to 5 business days for the UAE visa process.
  • A temporary UAE visa is usually issued as a one-time entry visa.

15 Days Visit Visa Dubai Fee:

15 days of Dubai visit/tourist visa including Covid mandatory medical insurance is only AED 500. In some countries, the price of a 15-day Dubai visa may vary. Just to be sure of the value of your citizenship, please check out Regal Tours for a 15-day visa price in Dubai.


How to Apply for a 15-Day Dubai Tourist Visa:

If you want to get a 15 Days Dubai visa visit, please send an at [email protected]

Regal Tours will soon respond to online and offline payment methods, including, cash payment, card payment, online payment, bank details, exchange details, phone payment details, etc.

Once payment has been completed with your 15-day visa in Dubai, in 2 days or less, Regal Tours will send you your visa.

You will receive your Dubai / UAE 15-day visit visa via WhatsApp or email.

If you have questions about your 15-day visa in Dubai, please feel free to contact Regal Tours at any time.

Regal Tours professionals are always available at your service by phone, email, WhatsApp, webchat, etc.

Should you face any previous rejection while applying for your Dubai 15-day tourist visa in the UAE, please inform Regal Tours, so that we can manage it in such a way as to ensure that your 15-day visa is guaranteed to be issued.

14 Days Visit Visa For UAE Price:

Gold Plan:

  • 14 days tourist visa Dubai + Health Insurance (Covid) – Rs 7,499 Rs 7,299

Platinum Program:

  • 14 days tourist visa Dubai + Health Insurance (Covid) – Rs 7,999 Rs 7,799
  • 14 days tourist visa Dubai + Health Insurance (Covid) + Travel Insurance Rs 9,299

Documents required for 14 days of Dubai visa application:

  • A guaranteed return flight ticket (not mandatory prior to applying for a visa). We would be happy if you book at
  • A color copy of the first and last page of your passport.
  • A color copy of your passport size photo. Avoid obscure or obscure images.
  • A scanned color copy of your pan card.

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