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Teaching In Dubai
Digital Marketing Jobs In Dubai


Teaching In Dubai:

Teachers in Dubai can look forward to taking home well-paid salaries, and competitive reimbursement packages, and will have the benefit of living in a top-notch city. Teaching in private schools across Dubai, teachers will become part of a multinational staff and teach in schools offering state-of-the-art services and outstanding resources.

Teaching jobs in Dubai can vary from vacancies for kindergarten and primary classes all the way through to positions available in schools and higher education institutions. Management jobs in the education sector can range from the head of the department to job openings for principal positions.


Salary range of private school teachers in Dubai:

Teaching jobs in Dubai offer a lucrative tax-free income, usually ranging from 7000 – 16,000 AED ($1900 – 4400) per month. Administrative jobs can offer higher wages depending on competence and experience.


Benefits of teaching in Dubai:

Certified instructors will be given reimbursement packages with additional benefits. Private international schools in Dubai offer an assortment of bonuses, which characteristically incorporate flight, lodging, and medical insurance.

Some teaching jobs even include a stipend for dependents’ schooling and relocation expenses. With a moderately low cost of day-to-day living (as accommodation is covered by the company), teachers in Dubai can look forward to saving money while maintaining a comfortable standard of living.


Qualifications for teaching in Dubai:

Most of the teaching jobs in Dubai require that teachers should have a valid teaching accreditation or certificate. They must be licensed or registered to provide education in their home state, county, or region. For most positions, teachers should have a minimum of 2 years of experience teaching at the designated grade level, in the corresponding subject area. These should all be reflected in the applicant’s CV or resume.

Popular teaching jobs in Dubai:

Below is a comprehensive list of all teaching jobs in Dubai, including vacancies for early childhood specialists, physical education teachers, guidance counselors, child care teachers, kindergarten teachers, preschool teachers, instructional designers, school counselors, linguists, TESOL instructors, Spanish teacher, ESL teacher,

language instructor, education curriculum vitae, teacher, substitute elementary teacher, childcare provider, music teacher, English teacher, math teacher, Arabic teacher, art teacher, chemistry teacher, elementary teacher, french teacher, ICT teacher, lecturer, nursery teacher, physics teacher, primary teacher, science teacher, principal, professor, librarian.


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Digital Marketing Jobs In Dubai:

Social Media – Digital Marketing Director:

We are currently seeking an experienced Social Media / Digital Marketing Manager to assist with the execution of our hotel’s marketing efforts. Under the direction of the Director of Digital Marketing, this role will design and develop engaging, creative, and innovative content to promote our products and services through various channels.

The successful candidate will be expected to have modern visual content creation skills in addition to the ability to execute creative ideas.

We are looking for candidates with a strong ability to translate business requirements into attractive visual content, seamlessly implement them and measure business impact. If you are a good communicator, flexible, and ‘in the know’ of the latest trends in social media, videography, and behavioral marketing, then this role is for you.

Key responsibilities and duties include:

  • Creation of visual and text content for social media.

  1. Digital Marketing Specialist:

The primary role is to be a team player with an analytical and creative mind who will position HYM Investment Group and its associates to drive business through digital marketing communications.

  • Responsible for digital marketing communications, ongoing analysis of digital channel performance, or regional implementation of marketing automation and lead generation process in accordance with company guidelines.
  • Responsible for coordinating and managing the digital content publishing calendar and publishing updates on local websites, social media, and customer newsletters, and contributing to the organization of online events and webinars.
  • Proactively provide recommendations on digital communications matters to relevant teams and actively participate in group marketing initiatives related to digital marketing channels.
  • Monitor market trends, new technologies, and new communication methods and tools with a data-driven mindset
  • Manage and communicate reports and dashboards.

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