Career Opportunities Freelance Jobs | Highest Paying Job In Dubai

Career Opportunities Freelance Jobs
Highest Paying Job In Dubai


Career Opportunities Freelance Jobs:

  • Explore and review different types of writing: fiction writing, guest post writing, nonfiction writing, blogging, newspaper writing, magazine writing, feature stories, hard news, crime reporting, public relations and marketing, and web writing among other things. Look at the many forms of writing and see which one appeals to you the most that will be your starting point.
  • Improve your writing skills by taking a writing class or intensive writing workshop. Writing classes are offered by colleges, and community centers and private writing lessons are even offered by professional writers.
  • Volunteer as a writer for a local newspaper, submit articles to magazines or write for a website. Clips are vital. No one is going to hire you as a (paid) writer without reading a bunch of clips first. Some occasional freelance writers have accumulated clips over the years. Other aspiring authors have few, if any, decent clips. To get these vital clips you can find writing for free or for next to no money. That’s just part of the process. If you’re not willing to create for free in the beginning, a career in freelance writing may not be for you. You have to realize that a few unpaid freelance writing jobs will turn into paid freelance writing over time.
  • Learn to write for the web. Professional freelance sites like and give writers the opportunity to get paid for freelance writing while providing vital experience, writing clips, and freelance writing experience. Sites like offer the added benefit of giving writers the opportunity to hone their SEO and web writing skills, with editors available to help guide new freelance web writers through the learning process.
  • Look for freelance writing. Once you’ve written for free or next to nothing to get vital writing clips, it’s time to submit those clips along with your resume to the numerous publications and websites looking for freelance article writers. The Internet is a great place to find ads for paid freelance writing.

Job Vacancies Jobs Indeed:

1. Laundry service:

Company description:

Motifs from the travels of the adventurer Ibn Battuta influence the architecture and style of the intricately designed property. This 5-star hotel in Dubai is ideally located for travelers who want to take advantage of all that Dubai has to offer, with shops and beaches nearby.

As Housekeeping Manager, you ensure that all rooms are well maintained and cleaned, providing professional customer service to hotel guests so that all requests are dealt with quickly and efficiently. The Housekeeping Attendant is also responsible for ensuring that the look and feel of all guest rooms meet the highest standards set by Minor Hotels. It provides exceptionally clean, tidy, and well-maintained guest rooms and corridors


  • At least one year of housekeeping or laundry experience in a 5-star or 4-star hotel
  • Good interpersonal relationships
  • Good communication skills in English
  • Eye for detail

2. Tailor – Marriott Resort Palm Jumeirah:

Marriott International’s portfolio of brands includes JW Marriott Hotels and Marriott Hotels.

Marriott Hotels, the flagship of Marriott International with more than 500 global locations, has advanced the art of hospitality so that our guests can have a great travel experience. As a Marriott Hotels host, you help deliver on this promise by offering premium options, sophisticated style, and well-crafted details


Repair, mend, and modify guest clothing and staff uniforms by hand stitching, applying adhesive patches, or using a sewing machine. Distribute clean uniforms to personnel according to company specifications. Send damaged uniforms to the appropriate location (e.g. seamstress, housekeeping, outside vendor) for repair.


Highest Paying Job In Dubai:

  1. Chief Executive Officers (CEOs)

Average monthly salary: Dh100,000

Salary range: Dh75,000 to Dh135,000

What does a CEO do?

Every company has a CEO who leads from the top. The CEO makes major decisions about the company’s financial performance and has the responsibility for his employees in his hands.

In addition, this job tends to be very high pressure and is always one of the best paying jobs in Dubai.

  1. Marketing experts:

Average monthly salary: Dh95,000

Salary range: Dh80,000 to Dh100,000

What do marketing professionals do?

Marketing is critical to a company’s success in its industry, and chief marketing officers (CMOs) play a key role in brand development. In 2021, marketing has grown into digital marketing and traditional marketing such as television and radio.

Yet marketing professionals are under a lot of pressure to understand current trends and achieve results. High salaries often reflect this pressure and this job is often one of the highest paying jobs in Dubai.

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